Trees and Streetlights

This post is a testament to how important it is for photographers to always have a camera with them. I know we have our phones with us all the time and that they can take excellent photos but they are too divided. Between the texting and the Instagram and the email, the camera app can get lost in all that noice. But a camera is so much more focused and when you carry one it is impossible to ignore the pull to make pictures.

Every night I walk our dog. And every night I walk the same stretch of street outside our house. But this night I decided to take my camera just for the heck of it and even though I walked the same bit of pavement I saw a different street. I saw the light and I became aware of the trees. They were still devoid of leaves but some had begun to bloom their white blossoms. Lit only by streetlights they were illumined as if they were in a studio.

I went back home for my tripod.