Life Floor Commercial Shoot


Last month I did another shoot for Life Floor which is an aquatic flooring company making tiles that have some surprising qualities. For more information on them, head over to their site here. I've done several shoots for Life Floor, and as with most product photography, the challenge is to make the product--an inanimate object--connect with the viewer. The easiest way to do this is to introduce someone using the product in a way which highlights the characteristics of the product yet doesn't steal the show from the product. The product, and therefore the company, must always be central. 

This shoot was split between two locations. The first was at a water park in Minnesota, and the second was in the Wisconsin Dells which is the water park capital of the world... home to sixteen water parks. The installation in Minnesota was on some stairs leading up to a water slide, which I first thought was going to be rather mundane. It turned out to be quite impressive, though, as it had two sets of heavy wood staircases going up about five stories. Life Floor had selected two girls to be our models and they did a great job running back and forth for me.

Throughout this shoot, my goal was to create images with more drama then what I had done for Life Floor in the past. I almost never go with an HDR effect on my images, but the creative director at Life Floor sent me an image of mine that he had been working with and really liked. It became clear that, for some of the shots, the effect enhanced the image and made their flooring come alive in a way that normal processing didn't accomplish.

Lighting for the above images was very simple--just one main light with a CTO gel directed towards the girls. The forecast called for cloudy skies and rain for all the days that we'd be shooting, and since I wanted the images to look as natural as possible--while maybe a little hyperreal with the HDR--I only brought one big flash to take the place of the sun. 

Before going to the Wisconsin Dells we stopped by the Life Floor headquarters. I did another blog post about some shots that I got while in their building, but to add to that, here are some shots of their test lab where they experiment with the flooring and see what its capable of standing. Some of these jars have been here since 2008, exposing chunks of the floor to super harsh chemicals, so harsh that they keep having to replace the mettle tops because they were devolved. But the Life Floor kept on floating unchanged. Crazy stuff.  

The second day of the shoot was at the Wilderness Resort, the largest indoor water park in the world. The weather turned nasty, so in-between the rain, we would run inside and ride some slides. Tough day at the office.


It was an awesome trip and I'm grateful to Life Floor for giving me the opportunity to shoot for them!

Shot with a Canon 5D Mark III. Processed in Lightroom with VSCOfilm and Nik Software.