Lecrae's Confessions Music Video

In the beginning of March I was able to help with the production of Grammy winning artist Lecrae's Confessions music video. The director, Kyle Dettman who is the video producer at Reach Records, is a great friend of mine and he asked if I could act as a Photo Assistant. Of course I was thrilled to do so. My part was very small since I was only assisting on set, but it was an amazing time. Even though it was a ton of work, I would do it all again in a heartbeat. It was very eye-opening and thrilling to be part of such a large production. I believe that there were about 40 people on set at one point. 

I am thrilled with the result and applaud Kyle, Director of Photography - Chris Fenner, and Art Director - Aaron Tovi for making a video that is unique and doesn't simply give your eyes something wonderful to look at, matching the song perfectly, but heightening the song's relevance and symbolism as it expounds it's meaning.

The total process of making this video took months and for more details on that head over to Chris Fenner's blog here

Below are some behind the scenes shots that I took.