The Color Run

Photo props to the A. Reid!

This past weekend, the Color Run came to Atlanta again! Annie participated, along with some of her friends, and I tagged along with my camera to see if I could get anything good. (Last year's run was a little more stressful, as it was a week before our wedding, and Annie wasn't sure if all the color dust would come out her hair before we said "I do." It did, in case you were wondering. ;) 

I ended up getting into the heart of the action. It was slightly terrifying to watch my camera being slowly swallowed in all the color dust, but after a can of compressed air and about 15,000 Q-tips, it pulled through. (Now that pollen season is here in Georgia, it looks like I'm living in one of the yellow images every time I walk out the door.) We had a blast and are looking forward to the Electric Run in May, with a glow-filled post to follow!